Just delivered an iPad to a new patient that was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He finished chemotherapy and was found to have a new malignant lesion on his spine. He will have to undergo further high dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. He will be hospitalized for at least a month for the transplant (scheduled for April). We are pulling for him! Thanks for the donations that make this possible!

The goal of is to help make life in the hospital easier for children that are faced with extended stays. We are working to bring them a network that will allow them to focus on movies, music and other forms of fun!
Our Guiding Priciples: Written by Aidan
Bring joy and comfort through music.
Create a culture of giving.
Change people’s lives in one
little way that they really need.
Keep it small and personal.
Make hospital stays easier
with tips and resources.
Enrich the lives of people we help.
OUR ANGEL NETWORK: Check out how Aidan’s message is spreading across the country.
our creative director:
aidan immroth was inspired by a kind, giving spirit of boy wise beyond his years. Aidan Immroth was one of the most compassionate and giving human beings you will meet. He spent the majority of his life and time giving to others, and now he is bringing his message to the world.
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