Decorated Ipod iPod decorated
by Aidan Immroth.


Have a favorite playlist or movie that makes you smile? When patients receive iPods or iTunes gift cards, they provide with a list of their favorite songs, videos, etc. so they can be posted on our website for other kids to view. Share your favorite songs or videos here:
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featured angels

Barbara Luster After hearing about, Barbara literally ran out the door to make the first donation. She is the honorary "first" Angel In Disguise and a very special, caring teacher at Cisco ISD. While fighting her own battle with cancer, she has continued to inspire others and help bring a much needed distraction to children in the hospital. Michelle Binger Michelle Binger is an employee of Cisco ISD who makes and sells beautiful wooden crosses in her spare time. After hearing about, she began donating a portion of her profits during the peak Christmas season. If you would like to learn more about Michelle's work, please email . Thank you Michelle for helping us grant some Christmas wishes! Texas Elks Texas Elks Children's Services, Inc. gave our first grant. Thanks to Jack Shanks and the wonderful team at Texas Elks Camp, we were able to purchase our first 10 iPods, decorations and otherfun materials. Our dream would not have become a reality with the kind and generous support of this organization. Cisco I.S.D. A special Lobo thank you to the students and faculty at Cisco I.S.D., and the entire Cisco community. They have held fundraisers and donated money. But most of all, they have opened their hearts and adopted as a community project of giving. Without their support and enthusiasm, we would not be where we are today. Wells Fargo Scott Emmons and team in the Wells Fargo Corporate Trust department made a generous donation on behalf of their personal friend John Deleray. John and Aidan met while receiving radiation treatment in Houston, Texas and became fast friends. Jen Maki & Mark Thompson Special thanks to this marketing duo who helped us create our brand identity. Jen Maki is the creative genius behind the logo. She worked with Aidan to understand what he would like to see in his logo, and she brought his vision to life! Rose Daniels Design Rose Daniels is the driving force behind the website. Rose worked directly with Aidan to understand his message and ideas for the website. She is fantastic to work with because she designs from the heart. And thanks to Alex Bajoris who donated his time to program the site.

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